Landscaped fountains add shimmering visual energy and an ambient acoustic energy to their environments thus infusing it with vitality. Those of us who have camped in the mountains alongside a cascading stream deep within a forrest know the sensation. When we construct fountains, we try to emulate that natural beauty and vitality. The fountains shown here are designed as distinctive manmade components integrated into an exterior natural environment. This is a solution for our parks, yards and gardens. You will later see designs for bringing these same qualities within our architecture.

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Concrete Fountain
Concrete and Metal Fountain
Marvone Fountain
Concrete Fountain
Concrete and slate Fountain
Trellis Fountain
Concrete and Metal Fountain
Concrete lantern fountain
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Ames Guyton is an architect in the state of Florida. He has a Master's Degree from Columbia University, and has over thirty years experience as an architect, having worked for some of America's most distinguished firms, including Marcel Breuer, one of the founders of modern architecture. He has toured Europe many times and has spent six months in the Orient. He has photographed many of Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings as well.
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