'Architecture Rising' shown below in plan and elevation represents a conceptual bridge between landscape and architecture. This creation shows a large exterior landscaped water fountain with benches and seating areas fully integrated into the forms and plantings of the fountain, suggesting exterior 'rooms'. Elements of the fountain and planting surround and project over these spaces. The inference is that the greenery, fountains and pools that are an integral part of nature, should be retained as a significant feature of our architecture. My subsequent architectural work encloses the rooms for protection from the weather but retains this same sort of linkage to the plants, waterfalls, and pools that make nature serene and beautiful.

Architect's Rendering
Architect's Rendering


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Ames Guyton has a Master's Degree from Columbia University and has over thirty years experience as an architect, having worked for some of America's most distinguished firms, including Marcel Breuer, one of the founders of modern architecture. He has toured Europe many times and has spent six months in the Orient. He has photographed many of Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings.

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