Most of the natural world is caotic and random: the meandering path of rivers and streams; the dispersal of mountain ranges and valleys caused by shifts in the earth's crust; the residue boulders and stones left by glaciers eons ago; the capricious natural forces that ultimatly cast seeds upon fertile ground; yet the result is often but not always beautiful. In living beings there is also randomness but also elements of order, and more often than not the beauty we sense and appreciate is linked to some degree of order, for example the symetry of a rose in bloom. The symetry of most animals and plants is part of the structured orderlyness that often leads us to appreciate their beauty. When we seek to create beauty, order and structure are design elements to be considered along with randomness and capriciousness. Music, for example, is structured noise. The design of a fountain or architecture must inevitably involve choices within a continuum between caos and order. Too much of either will not satisfy. For these reasons , my designs seek a balance , while at the same time seek compatibility with the untaimed natural wilderness. And the goal is the serenity of beauty.


Concrete Fountain


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Ames Guyton has a Master's Degree from Columbia University and has over thirty years experience as an architect, having worked for some of America's most distinguished firms, including Marcel Breuer, one of the founders of modern architecture. He has toured Europe many times and has spent six months in the Orient. He has photographed many of Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings.

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