This four bedroom, brick and concrete house features a large open central living space with skylights above. The living room has a view of a pool and waterfall in the front yard. The den at the rear overlooks a terrace. The skylights are unique in that the sloped surfaces (not visible in the rendering) opposite the windows themselves are fitted with solar panels. Landscaping has been integrated into the facade.

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Ames Guyton has a Master's Degree from Columbia University and has over thirty years experience as an architect, having worked for some of America's most distinguished firms, including Marcel Breuer, one of the founders of modern architecture. He has toured Europe many times and has spent six months in the Orient. He has photographed many of Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings.

Address: 1015 Marvone Lane , Jacksonville, Florida, 32266        

Telephone: (904) 249-5018

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